23 lakh Indians are HIV-affected making us perhaps the world’s second-largest HIV hub. The most startling fact remains that more than over 1 lakh socio-economically distressed children, including newborns, are HIV-affected. Through this campaign, we are appealing to support us for critical life-saving pediatric drugs to save a generation from HIV. This is difficult but possible if every Indian takes a baby step. Do your bit.

You’re supporting the Nation’s Future

As India is still trying to cope with post-Covid traumas, one of the world’s largest population living with HIV is facing another hurdle in accessing life-saving Antiretroviral (ARV) medicines.

Pediatric HIV is one of the prominent causes of childhood morbidity and mortality across the world. We are working our best to ensure the delivery of ARVs to infants and children living with HIV. This is an appeal to play your part in ensuring that life-saving ARV drugs are delivered to infants and children on time, without fail. A generation needs to be saved. We cannot fail our children, it is time. Please step up and stand with them to save a new generation of India and create a healthier India.


ART is a lifelong medicine. Skipping any of the medications given under the therapy, allows the virus to multiply and even increases the risk of the virus mutating into a drug-resistant version.

What if an HIV+ child/adult skips the medicine?

Non-adherence to the ART and skipping any of the medicines given under The therapy allows the virus to multiply and even increases the risk of the virus mutating into a drug-resistant version.

Help Effective Children

The ARV needs of children living with HIV in India are not being met to their full capacity.

  • Low treatment adherence and continuity
  • Lack of resources
  • High cost of treatment
  • Access to care
  • Stigma and Discrimination

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End AIDS India is a campaign by Alliance India to create awareness on HIV and mobilise resources to fund HIV response programme in India to accelerate the response to the HIV epidemic in India. Together with our partners including civil society, the government programmes, and communities we work with, we are working to accelerate the response to the HIV epidemic in India.