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Our Approach

At Alliance India we approach the challenges of HIV with hope and positivity. Our aim is not just to prevent HIV from spreading, but also to ensure a healthy and dignified life for children and adults living with HIV.

Our approach is three-pronged:

Our approach is three-pronged:


To prevent is to reduce, to reduce is to eliminate.

Prevention is key to halting the spread of HIV. We undertake initiatives to raise awareness of HIV prevention, transmission and treatments available. We educate people on HIV infections including co-infections with tuberculosis and hepatitis C, through health camps and training.

Our work raises awareness to reduce the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS. Counselling guides vulnerable communities to understand the importance of getting tested for HIV and helps make them aware of their options for a healthy living if they test positive.


What care can do, medicines cannot.

More than anything else, people living with HIV (PLHIV) need care and support to live full lives with the virus. We help them adhere to treatment and educate them about the importance of taking the medication regularly which can help them live longer healthier lives. We enable expanded access to education, nutrition and healthcare, and counsel their children, peers and parents to provide the support they need.

We also make available emergency hospitalisation and medication for people living with HIV, a shelter for the homeless and orphaned, and access to drug treatment centres.


Support once, empower for a lifetime.

One of our key objectives is to empower people living with HIV and give them an identity. Being HIV positive is not an end to life and all its wonderful possibilities. We provide training for skill-building, funding for income generation programs, and links to schemes to start small businesses like flower shops and tea stalls.

People living with HIV and those vulnerable to infection are often denied access to their legal rights. We assist them with legal release procedures and property claims. We also facilitate issuing of PAN card, voter IDs and other identity documents to enable access to government social welfare schemes.