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Your opportunity to create change

Your support can make a huge difference in the lives of people vulnerable and affected by the HIV epidemic. We make sure that it is channelled where it is most needed: towards supporting a child’s access to healthcare, nutrition and education; helping a mother or even supporting an entire family to live healthy lives. Your donation will also educate vulnerable communities in India on HIV/AIDS as awareness is the first step towards eradication. You can choose to support our causes through monthly or one-time donations.

Virtual Change-maker

Be a social media champion for our cause. Your one like or share on social media can help us spread the message to more people. It will only take your thoughtfulness and a few seconds to help us create HIV awareness and garner support for our HIV programme in India.

Fundraise for our cause using online platforms. Donating online is easy and secure. We will assist you in creating the campaign page. You can set your own funding goal. Once your page is ready, all you need to do is share the link with your network of friends and family members and ask them to donate. Keep sharing the link until you reach your funding goal. You can invite donations from within and outside India. Check out our social media platforms.

Community Engagement Catalyst

Combine your passion with our cause: If you would like to combine your passion with a cause, choose to end HIV in India. You could be organising a dance performance, art display, special sales or running a marathon, donate the amount you raise or a percentage of your profit to our cause. You can even pledge your birthday or wedding anniversary and ask your relatives and friends to donate to a good cause of saving lives.

Give your skills and talents: We can always use some help from website developers, graphic designers, copy-writers, photographers, videographers, video editors, digital marketeers. Check with us for more information: write to with samples of your work if any.

Corporate Engagement

Invite our team to sensitize employees on HIV/AIDS: In the early 80s and 90s, tens of thousands lost their lives to HIV/AIDS globally. The first case of HIV was diagnosed in India in 1986. Since then tremendous progress is made in the treatment and prevention of HIV and AIDS. However, the general mindset of the people is still shaped by the early years of the epidemic where HIV/AIDS was synonymous with death. Today, it is not the HIV infection but HIV stigma that many people living with HIV find more challenging. If you would like us to spend a morning or an afternoon with your team, we will be happy to demystify some of the notions about HIV/AIDS. Enable us to jointly create an inclusive workspace.

Make your brand embody purpose: Get in touch with us to discuss co-promotion, CRM (Cause-related marketing) or other forms of employee engagement or brand partnership. Write to: