You are making a donation to eliminate HIV from India.

Can support access to health care & treatment support for children living with HIV
Can enable access to education, health care, nutrition and psycho-social support for children giving them a brighter and healthier future
Can ensure vital access to medical support for pregnant mothers with HIV and provide new-borns options to healthy living and counselling of family members
Can train community health outreach workers support and reach vulnerable key populations and ensure access and adherence to treatment
Can support initiatives for the mental wellbeing of adolescent & youth along with livelihood and skill-building supports
Can enable access to legal support and advocacy initiatives for communities to help reduce stigma and discrimination
Can support community awareness activities on HIV prevention, transmission, treatments and safe health practices for 20 families or a group of 100
Can enable an emergency response, improve treatment adherence & reduce related co-infections like TB, Hepatitis B and others
Can empower 100+ youth for skill-building and livelihood training making a sustainable change in their lives

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Thank You for your details, we will send you receipts and regular updates sharing the difference we are making to the community together.

A one-off annual contribution is a fantastic start but as social changes and transforming lives take time, we request you to continue your support until we can together achieve a lasting change. End AIDS India combines the capacity of four trusted NGOs in India to accelerate our nation’s response to HIV. Funding for HIV globally and within India has slowed considerably in recent years, creating the urgent need for your support. We rely on your donation to ensure a better and safer tomorrow. Support now to help us in our initiative to end AIDS in India. Let’s come together as a nation and aim towards an AIDS-free society. All funds collected are general funds for HIV response work aimed to go a long way to help vulnerable communities, families, mothers and children living with HIV. Donate Now, together we can stop HIV. Your donation to End AIDS India campaign is liable for 50% tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act .
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