HIV and Celebrities

We open Instagram and first thing on our feed is celebrities promoting different brand product which lure us to purchase them just because of the charisma of celeb who is now attached with that brand. Shah Rukh Khan himself tauntingly said that his movies run because he’s Shah Rukh Khan. Being Human is a must have for every Salman Khan fan ever – real or fake hardly matters.

Apart from all the branding, there is also something selfless that celebrities do – care for others. We decided to search for celebrities who support our cause and guess what we found, there are quite a good number of female celebrities who contribute significantly to save the world from HIV, including few from our own Bollywood.

HIV is a term that is wrapped in a lot of stigma and a lot of myths. There are a many celebrities that are helping the world unwrap that stigma. Madonna has been fighting the war against HIV since the days when HIV patients were treated as outcasts, even in days when rumours speculated that she was also an HIV patient. That didn’t stop her then and hasn’t stopped her now.

When MAC cosmetics approached Rihanna for their AIDS fund, she understood that the need of the hour was to educate people about AIDS. She told HIV Plus Magazine , “They were very shocking for me, and it’s something that I felt was important for me to get the word out, to spread the word, to educate young people, educate my fans on a matter that’s really killing us and killing the youth.”

Sometimes a pretty face is more than just a pretty face. Another great example is Dia Mirza. She wasn’t as great or famous as other actresses of her time, but she made sure that all her time and her life were well spent. She has been involved with the Andhra Pradesh Government to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS.

And then of course, there’s Shilpa Shetty who despite being in lime light for almost forever, donated her winning amount from the reality TV show Big Brother to AIDS awareness campaigns in India. Clearly, she prioritised the health of people in India than increasing her own wealth.

It’s okay to buy products that our favourite celebrities endorse. But it’s so easy to fall prey to ads and become increasingly materialistic. Let’s give our attention to meaningful causes to make this world a better place for everyone. Like them, let us pledge ourselves to at least be more accepting and supportive of HIV patients and treat them just like we would treat any other person.

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